Project Superconductor

You know how sometimes you feel super productive and sometimes you feel like you can’t make it out of bed?

Well I think this effect is pretty common for everyone, it just seems some people have the dial turned up on it. This means that there’s this perfect state, that when you’re in you can conquer the world. But when you’re without, you can’t get much done.

Sebastian Marshall from Ultraworking calls this “Morale Responsiveness“, where some people who are more sensitive than others to ‘morale’ (the mental state of productivity), seem to be on top of the world sometimes, and below ground the other.

Versus those who are low Morale Responsiveness, who don’t really have incredible or awful days, they just have pretty good days.

In the long run, those who reliably plod along may end up achieving more than those who have ups and downs (think tortoise vs hare). But what if you could have all the incredible days, but without the doldrum days?

He calls this the ‘holy grail’ of productivity. Being sensitive to the upside, and resisting the downside. This is just as true in personal productivity as it is in investing as well.

So even knowing all of this, for years I’ve felt frustrated by the lack of consistency or causality in the ability to produce this state or effect. And relying on a seemingly random condition to get all my work done is discouraging.

But after quite a bit of persistent deep analysis and tracking, I think I’ve boiled down some of the key triggers that produce this state. And it turns out to be largely (if not completely) social.

It seems that social circumstances or input are the largest and most consistent producer of this effect. And that when it’s dialed in, the other “normal” things like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, or the right nutrition, are blown out of the water in comparison (even if they’re still important).

So then comes the at least million dollar question, how do you produce this state repeatedly which seems to lead to these extraordinary results? That’s what this program is aimed to accomplish.

The current iteration works like this:

– There’s two parties who are matched manually, the A. “Superconductor” who’s channeling the focus and energy of the B. “Power Source”.
– The Power Source uses the Superconductors Calendly link to schedule one or two sessions per week that are 2 hours long.
– For the session on Zoom video chat, the Power Source runs through a standardized strategy system to keep focus intact.
– And the Superconductor shares their screen so that the Power Source can learn and be mentored by the actual work being done (not a proxy or simulation of the work), as well as provide very strict accountability.

This system works because of the social conditions applied, including structure, accountability, altruism, contribution, and collaboration.

If you’re interested in being either a Power Source and learning directly from live real work, or a Superconductor who can channel that energy into important and meaningful work, fill out the forms below to get started!

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I’ve seen this before? / What’s this like? / Where are you getting this model from?

Tell me where, because I haven’t seen this exact system! But there are a couple things you might be familiar with that are analogous:

BeMyEyes – but instead of helping people who are blind, it’s people who feel stuck

Focusmate – but with people who are focusing on what you’re doing