Project Superconductor

Ever feel like you don’t have the motivation to start or finish something?


I sure have, and that’s why I created this. After basically trying to figure out what’s wrong with me for a couple years (you’ve probably done the same), I’ve started to realize some profoundly important things about what motivates me and built some tests to prove it. And as it turns out, I think it’s a superpower.

If you go looking for help on this, you’ll usually find the same old tired tips about drinking water (do that), writing down lists (also good), or using systems like Pomodoros etc (they’re useful too). 

But I realized that most of the productivity hacks and ideas are fairly surface level. Hopefully maybe they work for most people, but for me they are essentially a complete dud in the long run.

However… there was a single magical effect that could blow away everything else, and from what I can tell, the elusive trick for me is… “social condition”.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time narrowing this down and testing it. But it seems like I can have bad nutrition, sleep, hydration, focus, structure, priority, etc (aka ‘doing it all wrong’). But if I have the right social influences, I can get 10-100x the work done in the same period of time. 

It’s certainly “in flow” work pace. And here’s the kicker; I end the session with more energy than when I started. It’s basically infinite energy! (why I have a Dyson Sphere at the top of this page).

Obviously infinite free energy doesn’t seem to match with physics, so that’s why I’m still looking for the nuanced answers to why it works (I have plenty of theories and studies on potential pieces). 

And to tell you the truth, I’ve already been running this system at least partially for myself for months and it’s not only lived up to my own hype, but exceeded my expectations. It’s shockingly effective.

But the crazy opportunity here is to test this system beyond just myself and start testing with some friends and some more invited people at a slight level of scale and see how this holds up, and if the results are as wild for others as they have been for me.

How does this work and what is it anyway?

Without getting into it too much, I believe these effects apply to everyone, but some people are significantly more impacted by them. If most people are a 3 on the scale, I’m like a 9. Which explains why this seems to overpower any other strategies I try.

So here’s the gist; essentially it’s utilizing the natural and genuine social pressure of interest of one person in the work or material at hand, being ‘super-conducted’ through the person who needs motivation. I use the term “superconductor” because not only does the energy pass through the target person to the work, it does so extremely efficiently. And they seem to even feed off of and amplify it!

Hence at the end of the session it’s a net-win since everyone feels like they have more energy, not less. This is a win in my book!

What does that typically look like? One of the best methods is pairing someone who wants to learn (again, it has to be genuine, people are great BS detectors), with someone who’s doing the work and wants to meaningfully share it to some degree. The person receiving this attention, can then essentially not only show what they’re doing, but to some degree explain the work as they’re doing it (part of the benefit of the process, something called Rubber Duck Programming, and somewhat common in Tech).

There’s plenty of nuance in it of course, like how to sustain the effect, how to prevent negative effects, etc. But now you have a fairly typical supply / demand situation, where people who are interested in something or inherently curious, can receive very useful access and insight to the work process, as well as the person receiving this attention can be pushed to work well on the project and be very productive.

For the Power Source:

It means planning to connect with your matched Superconductor 5-20 hours per week (you decide on sign up) over Zoom for a month at a time, going through a simple process of light coaching to help ‘turn the crank’ for them. You get paid per hour of the session, and as well as after singing an NDA, you can see the work in progress that they’re doing.

For the Superconductor:

You match with a Power Source for a month at a time so there’s some continuity but it stays fresh. You schedule time on your calendar for Most Important Work using scheduling software (it books against the Power Sources calendar too). And then show up to the sessions (paid even if you don’t show up), and then hopefully you get some amazing work done.

Sounds life changing, what now?

There’s two categories in this, the power source, and the conductor. When the Power Source turns on, the Superconductor applies that to the work they have to do for the session and work on that.

Think you’re cut out for either one? Set up a time to talk more and let’s get this going! 

Need Motivation?

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Want mentorship and apprenticeship?

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I’ve seen this before? / What’s this like? / Where are you getting this model from?

Tell me where, because I haven’t seen this exact system! But there are a couple things you might be familiar with that are analogous:

BeMyEyes – but instead of helping people who are blind, it’s people who feel stuck

Focusmate – but with people who are focusing on what you’re doing